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Discover how to apply the principles of positive education to your professional practice and your personal life.

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If you’re a teacher, school leader or educator hoping to unleash the power of positive education in your classroom or community — or if you’re a parent looking for ways to bring positive education into your parenting and family culture — we welcome you to join River’s Path community. Discover the depth of your commitment to teaching, learning and growth. Explore what you most value and learn how it can guide you through the challenges of your work. Give your students and children the greatest opportunities for growth by taking the time to develop yourself.

When we focus on the strengths in ourselves, our students and our children instead of on our deficits, schools and families transform into places of discovery, acceptance, surprise and development. At their best, schools and families serve as a communities in which to learn about ourselves, others, and the world around us. When we live this truth, we are able to reframe many of the problems we encounter as opportunities for connection, growth and compassion.


  • Develop a strengths-based vocabulary
  • Identify strengths in yourself and others
  • Develop a mindful approach
  • Listen with intention
  • Practice gratitude
  • Nurture a growth mindset
  • Build high-quality connections
  • Manage your commitments
  • Make clear requests
  • Generate flow states
  • See new possibilities
  • Practice self-compassion


Develop and focus on your core commitments as a teacher and/or parent.

Access your inner wisdom to manage your time and the complexity and demands of teaching and/or parenting.

Develop a growth orientation in a mutually supportive community, founded on the cultural importance and collective intelligence of teachers and parents.


Ronald D. Lalonde is the regional manager of the Institute of Positive Education and the founder of River’s Path Coaching and Consulting. He is formerly the middle school principal of the American School of Dubai and the American School Foundation of Monterrey, Mexico. Dr. Lalonde has researched extensively and developed applications of positive psychology to middle-level education. He continues to seek ways to reimagine student relationships with schools, as well as adult attitudes toward adolescents and adolescence. Schools under Dr. Lalonde’s leadership have been commended for the healthy student-teacher relationships and high student well-being.

As a school leader, Dr. Lalonde created a successful Instructional Coaching Program and has gone on to explore and promote leadership coaching in international schools. In his 20 years in international education, he has held leadership positions at schools in England, the United Arab Emirates and Mexico. He speaks about leadership coaching and personal transformation, as well as the critical role they play in improving school cultures and creating space for school change. Dr. Lalonde has been a key contributor to developing and refining teacher supervision and professional development models in three schools, and this continues to be central to his consulting work.

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