What is Positive Education?

Positive education offers a new educational model that emphasizes well-being, mindset, grit and character strengths.

4 Simple Steps To Align

Learn how to have the conversations that enable you and the people in your life to operate as a team.


You have the power to rewire your outlook on the world -- and on your place in it. Learn how to identify and grow empowering mindsets.

Courageous Communication

Communicate with commitment, curiosity, clarity, collaboration and creativity. Use courageous communication to forge authentic relationships.

3 Essential Visioning Skills

Visioning is more than knowing where you want to go. Read our tips on how to see possibilities, see reality accurately and see your goals through.

Slow Networking

Read about slow networking, a more mindful, more human approach to building relationships online.

What Makes a Question Powerful?

The right question can get you the information you need, generate energy, lead to innovative solutions and build relationships.